New user requesting admin and a question about pending sightings

What Wildbook are you working in? Zebra

I would like to request admin privileges so I can better curate and use the data I am adding or that others may add in the future, and add people to our group - which I guess I’ll call Akagera Zebra Project (a collaboration between UCLA, University of Rwanda and Akagera National Park).

Also can you clue me in as to why some sightings show as pending? Does someone have to approve them or is something wrong with them when they show as pending?



Hi @Ren

We don’t typically grant admin access to new users. This would give you access to every Zebra Codex user’s data. I can give you the User Manager and Exporter roles so you can add your project partners and create Collaborations with them and export the data you share.

Pending sightings need action from you before they can be matched. If you click on one of your pending sightings, you’ll see this message on it:

You’ll need to click on the “assign annotations” button on your sighting to get started.

That sounds like what I need. Thanks Anastasia. I’m still learning your terminology.

I’m also wondering about whether there is a stand alone version of hotspotter that one can use locally. I’m finding the interface pretty slow and cumbersome and when others are adding data from a national park in Rwanda it will likely be even slower. Having a local instance of hotspotter would be incredibly helpful if at all possible

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From what I understand, the standalone version of Hotspotter is no longer being developed or supported. You may still be able to find it online, but I’ve only used it via our Wildbooks.

I know there are some users who’ve used Hotspotter on its own. Maybe they can weigh in and offer their insights.