Ningaloo whale shark scan tasks running very slow


i have two assistants helping me run scan tasks on the whale sharks from Ningaloo (please see attached image), and recently they seem to be running very slowly. Today, 13th June, one of my assistants reported that even after an hour of the process running there was no movement. Is there a limit to the number of scan tasks that can be run simultaneously?

Url: Sharkbook: Wildbook for Sharks | Login

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Hi @juliant

It looks like two are only two pending scan tasks right now. I’ve restarted them in case they were stuck. Let me know if you don’t see any progress on it later.

Following up to say that the encounter associated with the 2 pending scans tasks was deleted, which is why they’re incomplete. Feel free to delete those pending scans.

I’m resolving this since the original set of scan tasks completed on June 13th.

Thank you Anastasia :slight_smile:

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