No detection - ZCP_guest

What Wildbook are you working in?

Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?
The new account ZCP_guest was working fine. But since the 1st of March, new entries from this account aren’t doing automatic detection/annotations anymore. Can you fix this please?

Hi @FrederikeOtten

Can you tell me a little more about the problem you’re seeing? I don’t see any recent imports from the ZCP_guest account. Are there specific encounters from this account that have been stuck in detection?

Hi @Anastasia,
there are 52 stuck in detection. Since the 1st of March.

For example: Wildbook for Giraffe | Login

It is not a bulk import but individual encounter import from ZCP_guest.

thank you.

Thanks for the clarification, @FrederikeOtten.

This encounter was missing an annotation, so I added one manually. This gave me the option to start a match, which I ran using the Luangwa regions.

If any other recent encounters from ZCP_guest are missing annotations, add one manually and then the option to begin a match will appear.

Hi Anastasia, thank you for your answer. But we obviously don’t want to add an annotation manually everytime, that is very time consuming.
It was working fine, can it be fixed please? So that it will do automatic annotations again?
Thank you

I submitted a test encounter with Giraffa camelopardalis antiquorum and verified that it added an automatic annotation. I also submitted one with Giraffa tippelskirchi thornicrofti to see if there was an issue specifically with species detection, but it was also able to annotate it automatically:

I’m not able to replicate the issue with missing annotations on manual uploads. Can ZCP_guest try adding an encounter today to verify that it’s an ongoing issue?

Yes it seems like it is working again now!
Is there any way you can automatically give annotations to the previous inputs? Otherwise we have to do 52 manually. Many thanks.

Unfortunately not with manual encounters. Bulk imports can be sent to detection all at once, but manual uploads would have to be done individually.

My recommendation for the future would be to have ZCP_guest check after a handful of manual submissions that detection has completed. That way if something ever goes wrong, there’s not as much of a backlog to correct.