Not receiving C. taurus submissions via email

Hi there!

I don’t seem to be receiving C. taurus submissions to my email (via Sharkbook), but I do receive whale shark submissions. Is that something that can be enabled? I’d like to get an email when anyone submits C. taurus IDs from Australia.


I’ll need more time to look into this. Wildbook doesn’t give me the visibility to adjust specific email notifications so I need to find out where this is managed.

Hi @simonjpierce, is it possible that you unsubscribed from one of the Carcharias taurus notification emails last month? That could explain why you’re seeing whale shark submissions only right now:

Hi Anastasia,

I think I must have (accidentally!). Is it possible to resubscribe me? I’m still checked to ‘Receive automated emails’ in the user management system.

I haven’t received any new C. taurus encounters since 19 Nov 2023, but have been receiving emails about other species uploaded to Sharkbook.


Ok, I’ve removed you from the deny list. You should hopefully receive new encounter emails now.

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Thanks Anastasia! Will check and confirm,