Not Receiving e-mail notifications when submissions are made

What Wildbook are you working in? Leopard Shark

What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred? NA

Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing? I am not receiving any email notifications when submitters report an encounter from my study area. I would like to receive notifications when people report a leopard shark encounter from all locations under Australia (Pacific Ocean). Thank you!

Can you provide steps on how to reproduce what you’re experiencing? Submit an encounter

If this is a bulk import report, send the spreadsheet to with the email subject line matching your bug report

Hi @drobinson

According to our outbound mail dashboard, your email address was unsubscribed from these notifications on November, 14, 2023, which is why you’re not receiving updates.

If you didn’t click the unsubscribe link from the email address, it’s a strong possibility that the IT for your email domain is flagging these messages and unsubscribing you from them before they can reach your inbox/spam/trash folders. You will need to contact the IT for Sharkwatch Arabia to troubleshoot the issue.

Alternatively, you can change the email address on your Sharkbook account to a free email address such and Gmail or Yahoo and submit a test encounter to verify that you can receive notifications at the new email address.

Hi Anastasia,

My sharkwatch address is a gmail account so I don’t it’s the IT for my email domain and this works for whale sharks in Arabia.

Have you reset the notifications for me? Please confirm you have and then I’ll do some tests.



You’re right; I’m sorry for the oversight. I’ver manually removed you from the denylist for now. Let me know if this becomes a recurring issue. We try to avoid manually resubscribing people to emails because doing it too often can cause Mailchimp to prevent any of our outgoing emails from being sent altogether. Even Mailchimp support has been confused about the number of unsubscribes we see from users who say they haven’t unsubscribed. They’ve pointed to local IT filtering as the top probable cause.