One or couple shared usernames for students working in research?

What Wildbook are you working in?
Seal Codex

We have usually about 5 students working for short term in Saimaa ringed seal research, mainly helping us with seal photograph editing and submitting sightings to Codex. I was wondering, if it would be smarter or even possible to have 1 or more shared “student usernames”, so we wouldn’t have to create so many accounts for people that will not work with Codex much longer than couple months?

So after one student finnishes, next one gets access to same account.

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Absolutely! In fact, we recommend that any short-term workers for an organization used a shared account that’s associated with a shared email inbox so that if a person leaves, the folks on the shared inbox can reset the password on the account and maintain access to all previous data.

That sounds great!

Can multiple persons work at the same time with one account? We usually have 1-3 students and since they are working independently they might submit sightings on a same day and time.


Good question. Let me see what I can find out for you.

I found out that while Codex does allow multiple login sessions for one account, it’s not technically supposed to.

I’ve seen some orgs maintain multiple accounts for intern use, so that’s one option to consider in the future if multiple logins are ever disabled in the future.

Thank you Anastasia! :blush:


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