OrgAdmin can't add new users

Workbook: Internet of Turtles
URL: (or any subsequent URLs in the workbook, once I’ve logged in)
Problem: I cannot add a new user to my organisation.
Steps: I am logged in as an orgAdmin. According to the manual, there should be an option to add new users to my organisation, but the option to add a new user does not appear under the ‘Administer’ tab for me…

Hi @Kate, welcome!

I made this its own topic since it was added as a reply to a two-year old post.

Can you let me know which username you’re using in IoT? I can’t find you by your name or email address in there. You can private message it to me if you don’t want to post it publicly.

Hi @Kate

We discussed this over email and I believe the issue is resolved now.

Administer > User Management > Create/Edit a User is the path to follow to add users to your org. I’ve also added your organization to IoT so you can add new users to it.

Thanks for your help, I have that option now.

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