OrgAdmin on Leopard Shark Wildbook

What Wildbook should this feature be in? Leopard shark

What would you like to see? OrgAdmin as an available role

How would this functionality help you? I have someone assisting with bulk imports on the site, and she needs to be an OrgAdmin to use the bulk upload feature

There also seems to be a slight bug with the user management on the leopard shark site. When I save or add a user I’m taken to a blank page instead of a confirmation page.

Hi @AFlam ,

I originally created a ticket for this (WB-1349), but I’m not sure a change is needed.

orgAdmin isn’t used or needed on this Wildbook from what I can see.

Your account should have full admin privileges and not need anything else to create a user. Similarly, I see only ‘researcher’ user role is needed for bulk import access for the leopard shark Wildbook. You should be able to create a ‘researcher’ role new account, and that user should be able to run Bulk Import.

With the same permissions, I was able to successfully add a test user.

Can you please retry?


I already added the user. I had asked for it because I thought orgAdmin was required in order for them to use the bulk upload. I didn’t realize the permissions were different on this Wildbook.

And the user was being added, the issue was that there was no confirmation page when I added/edited users before. I just added orgAdmin permissions to a user (before I saw this post) and that issue seems fixed now (I got a confirmation page)

We are still working on getting documentation up for the regional security model, which is what leopard shark is leveraging. I’ll make a note that we need to get that written up and identify which platforms are using that model.