Photos not uploaded

Hi there, it seems with all our new entries (frederikeotten and zcp_guest) the photos don’t upload in the system. So now we have lots of encounters without the photos. Can you check this please?


Hi @FrederikeOtten

I need a little more info so I can research this further.

  • Were these bulk imports or manually submitted encounters?
  • If they were bulk imports, can you send the spreadsheet to so I can review it?
  • Can you also send me a couple of the photo to the above email address so I can see if there’s something with the image file itself that’s preventing the upload?


Hi Anastasia,

  • manually submitted encounters
    We have tried a lot of different photos, and 2 different computers, it is not the image file itself.

Thanks for checking,

It looks like your recent uploads have images in them. Are you and zcp_guest still seeing issues with missing photos from your latest submissions?

I’m limited in how much I can research this if I don’t have the full details to work with. If you’re still seeing missing photos from new uploads, please email a few to me so I can try and reproduce this on my end. Can you also let me know if this is only happening when you upload images of Giraffa tippelskirchi thornicrofti only or if it’s happening with other species, too? Thank you!

Hi @FrederikeOtten do you still need help with this?

Hi @Anastasia, yes the problem seems to be solved now. Thanks!

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