Picture book - changing or designating profile pictures and making picture book easier to view

What Wildbook are you working in? Flukebook

What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred? Flukebook | Login

Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing? When I generate a picture book for the identified whales in our catalogue, some profile images are the wrong images and/or dorsal fins are showing up where flukes should be or vice versa. When I look at the keywords associated with the photo, I cannot see how to change the photos with ‘profile photo’ associated with them, or how to add the profile photo designation where no photo has yet been selected for a particular individual. Furthermore, I wonder if it is possible to sort the order of individuals in the picture book in a more logical manner. Finally, I wonder if it is possible to change the background of the picture book output so that it is dark. This will make photos easier to see if they are being viewed in daylight situations on a tablet or other offline device.

Can you provide steps on how to reproduce what you’re experiencing? I drew a bounding box around my study area and searched for al the individuals in the study area. Then tried to export to picture book.

If this is a bulk import report, send the spreadsheet to services@wildme.org with the email subject line matching your bug report

Furthermore. It seems that 8 is the maximum number of encounters that can be reflected in a picture-book profile. Is it possible to expand this number so that all past encounters are reflected?

Hi @GiannaMinton

Let’s start with any potential bugs and then shift later to potential layout improvements.

Can you provide an example of a whale that is not showing the expected image? I am seeing a consistent pattern of Tail Fluke, Left Dorsal Fin, Right Dorsal Fin. If for an individual we come up short in this list, we will try to fill at least one of the three spots with “ProfilePhoto”.

And verifying the configured logic for the page:

#Picture Book keywords
#If not defined defaults Left, Right, Top, Front will be used
pictureBookKeywords0 = Tail Fluke
pictureBookKeywords1 = Right Dorsal Fin
pictureBookKeywords2 = Left Dorsal Fin

For some individuals, the photos have not been assigned the correct keywords, limiting the information displayed. For example:

This individual does not have a “Tail Fluke” keyword on the fluke photo and only has a “Left Dorsal Fin”, and the same fin image has “ProfilePhoto” causing it to appear twice.

Spot checking the entries for other whales, I am seeing these rules being followed and exceptions being the result of missing Keyword labels or no example images for the features.

Are you able to send other examples of where you think the display is in error?


Hi Jason.

Thank you so much for addressing this so quickly. I agree that there are some individuals for which the key worlds are mislabeled or profile photos have not been designated which is why I also asked for instructions on how to edit and/or add key words and designate profile photos. I’m so sorry, I know this should be possible, but I looked on the user manual and all the other places I could think of and could not find the instructions on how to do this.

In some instances, however, I have checked, and photos that were not designated as profile photos are appearing in the photobook instead of those that should be labeled as profile photos. For example:

The Picture book is showing a partial fluke for this individual - I think because somehow the import did not include the designation of this photo as the profile photo instead:

But again, when I check the Excel file that we exchanged on 28 Nov 2020, I can see that this much better tail fluke photo should have been designated as the profile fluke photo for this individual.

Likewise for OM00-009 this sub-standard fluke photo appears in the picture book:

When our import sheet indicates that this photo should have been designated:

I think I see what may have happened here - as that particular photo is uncropped for some reason - even though it is still better quality than the photo that was apparently selected by default instead.


I guess these kinds of import errors were bound to happen. The new ability to export up to 250 individuals at a time into Picture book provides me with a good means to double check all of these things. However, it would be great to know how to:

  1. change key words
  2. correct or change designations of profile photos (e.g. if newer better photos are added for the individual)


Hi @GiannaMinton

Under the current configuration, please keep in mind that the Tail Fluke, Left Dorsal, and Right Dorsal are being prioritized above Profile Photo. Profile photo only appears if one of those are missing. So the half fluke for 0M01-008 correctly does not have the Profile photo keyword, but it is being picked up as the Tail Fluke, which is the keyword it has.

A few possible solutions:

  1. Add “Profile Photo” to the displayed list to ensure it always appears rather than as filler if the other three are missing.


  1. Remove the Tail Fluke keyword from an image if you don’t want it to appear because it isn’t good enough quality.

To add, remove, or change a keyword, please follow these instructions:

They involve clicking on the photo from the Encounter page (clicking on the photo reveals the black background you see above) and then rolling over “Keywords” to adda keyword or rolling over already applied keywords to delete them (red x).


Hi Jason. Thanks again for the quick reply. I am really impressed with how quickly and personally you are dealing with these requests for help. Thank you for the link to the more detailed instructions. I could not find these easily on your help document. Maybe I didn’t associate the term ‘gallery’ with key words/editing photos. So I had also remembered from a previous training session that it should be that easy to add or change key words, but I am wondering if something is wrong with my browser/interface, as I simply cannot get an ‘Add a Key Word’ window/option to appear when I have clicked and enlarged a photo.

I hold the mouse over the keywords in the upper left hand corner, roll, click/hover - and nothing appears. I also seem unable to edit existing key words. Do I perhaps need different Admin rights to be abel to see this option?

In the meantime - did I see that you just changed this profile photo? Thanks!

P.S. I am using Google Chrome, if that is useful to know w.r.t. the inability to see the ‘add new keywords’ option.

Hi @GiannaMinton

This is what you should be seeing:


I am also using Chrome.

If you are not seeing this functionality, it may be that you have view-only permissions to the Encounter. Can you please send me the link to this Encounter and via email (for security) please send me the username you logged in with?

Thank you,

Thanks Jason .

I am definitely not seeing those options when I hover over the key words on any of the encounters to which I thought I had editing permissions. I will send you the requested information by email now.


Hi @GiannaMinton

Circling back from our email discussion, you are correct that the Keyword options are only available from the Encounter media gallery.


Thank you Jason. This is helpful to know. It does mean that there are a couple extra steps that will be required to look at all the photos that are available of an individual and designate the best profile photo (e.g. after a new season of data is added - to ensure that the best representative photo is always selected). But I understand that changing the interface to allow editing of keywords when photos are accessed through the ‘view all photos’ option of an individual page is not a priority right now when you have so many other improvements in the pipeline.

I really appreciate the rapid responses to these issues. I’ll look forward to thoughts on the other perhaps longer term improvements to picture book export (e.g. different sorting order of individuals, including the full encounter history rather than a max of 8 sightings, darker background for easier viewing in daylight/boat conditions) whenever the team has time for this.

All the best,

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