PIE training curated data

Greetings, I’m curious how many individuals should I attempt to source for this curated dataset that PIE will require to run? I can ask several researchers to supply their data. If you need 100+ individuals I will need to ask several people! Thanks.

Hey @evebohnett,
We’re working out a more accurate ballpark, but right now, we are certain of it requiring upwards of 100 individuals, with a preference for individuals that have 2 or more images.

Great, thanks. I’m sourcing individuals now. Right now I have 53 total, with 25 more on the way. Many of these individuals only have 3 photos. Also, some of the training data that I’m being sent was taken in the zoo by photographers with digital cameras. Is that okay? They took many pictures of different sides of the animals and many close up face shots. There are 11 individuals with data from zoos. Since it is not camera trapping data will these still work?

Right now we have 103 individuals, including the 10 zoo snow leopard glamor shots. I have that data and am ready to pass it over. I hope this is enough data?

If the 103 have a common viewpoint (e.g., left), then it it might be. Let’s see it. Can you please share a link with me via email?