PIE v2 only match results without MiewID results for Crocuta crocuta

Hi, a user reported that she had some instances where her spotted hyena match results were missing the MiewID results but still displayed the PIE v2 results and vice versa. She also had some match results pages that showed both, as expected.

She’s in transit and can’t send me details but I found these examples in her data:

Wildbook for Carnivores (additionally in this example, I’m not seeing the match candidate annotation)
Wildbook for Carnivores

I believe these were all uploaded through Report an Encounter as I don’t see a link to a bulk import in any of the encounters.

So I’m wondering if it’s the same bug as reported in this post: New entries - sometimes miewID, sometimes Hotspotter - #15 by FrederikeOtten

I thought I should add these examples in case it’s helpful and to be sure any bug fix is deployed to ACW as well.


Hi @ACWadmin1

Is it exclusively only running one algorithm instead of both or is it behaving correctly some of the time?

It’s running both algorithms sometimes, and other times, only one of two.

Here’s another example from the same user’s data of the same species where both algorithms ran as expected:

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Added as an example to this ticket: Manually reporting an encounter doesn't consistently run default algorithms · Issue #487 · WildMeOrg/Wildbook · GitHub

As a reminder, checking in on the ticket status stays here in the Community thread. Comments in Github are between staff and the developers making code updates.