Problem with Bulk Imports

What Wildbook are you working in?

Giraffe Spotter

What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred?

Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?

My Giraffe Spotter account currently has 2 projects (1 project is complete and 1 is empty). I’m trying to import new images to an existing dataset, these images are intended to be added to the empty project. to When I import new images into my account using the ‘bulk import’ function. I am able to search for the correct images collated into a specific folder. However, after allowing the upload to run and I am taken to the review page, only the ~200 images I’ve already analysed and sorted appear, this does not contain the 30 images I am trying to upload. I have not selected a folder with these images in.

Can you provide steps on how to reproduce what you’re experiencing?

For an account with multiple projects:

  1. Administer → Bulk Import.
  2. Upload photos.
  3. Select the relevant folder containing only the images intended for upload.
  4. Allow upload to run.
  5. Review uploaded images (this is the problematic stage).

Thank you!

If this is a bulk import report, send the spreadsheet to with the email subject line matching your bug report

Hi Connor,

I’ve been looking into this and have a couple questions.

It’s normal to see images you have already uploaded in the image review page, we retain previous import images for subsequent or corrected imports. You should however see your new images there as well.

Looking on the server, I can see 31 new images from Oct 18. An example file name is KGBZSUHZ18012021019.JPG if that is helpful.

If you proceed to the next screen, do you see the cells for the new file names show up green? This indicates the images were found by the importer.

I would recommend a couple steps:

  • Search for your desired image names specifically on the review page with CTRL-F (Command+F on mac)
  • If they are present but the review cells on the next screen are red, double check your excel file for odd characters or spaces in the media asset columns.

If the images are not present, or they are and are not being found in a reviewed excel file, please provide a couple examples of these images and the excel file to us in email and we can try some experiments to replicate your issue.


Hi, @connor.parks !
Just following up on this. Any update on your end?

Hi Mark,

Apologies for the late reply I’ve only just seen your response. That issue is resolved now, thank you very much for your response!

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