Problems with certain bulk imports stuck in detection in Whiskerbook

I’ve found several bulk imports that appear to be stuck in Whiskerbook. I looked at each and one import looks suspiciously like the user may have kicked off detection before the data import was completed:

The result though is that the send to identification button isn’t available on that bulk import. Can someone help fix this? By that I mean, send this bulk import to identification for this user?

Here’s the other job that appears stuck:

I’ve emailed each user to ask for their upload spreadsheets but one is in the field without his laptop, and I haven’t heard back from the other yet. I’m just not sure the spreadsheets are causing the issues. I checked the species in random encounters in these and it’s correct (although I didn’t check all encounters in each bulk import).

Any insights and assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Whiskerbook | Login - This one is ready for ID

Whiskerbook | Login - This one is currently being ID’d

No obvious cause-- just random WBIA weirdness!

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Super duper, thank you very much!

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