Project IDs gone within project after changing Project ID Prefix

What Wildbook are you working in?
Amphibian and Reptile Wildbook
What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred?


Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?
I changed the Project ID Prefix from “BG-###” to “BG-####” because we were reaching No. 999. Unfortunately, now all the Project IDs are gone for each individual within the project. This is problematic because some encounters were not matched, yet and we don’t know anymore which ones these were.
Can you provide steps on how to reproduce what you’re experiencing?
see above
If this is a bulk import report, send the spreadsheet to with the email subject line matching your bug report

Could you please recover the project IDs and if possible, make it so that new Project IDs will have “####”, e.g. “BG-0891” etc. ?


Hi @Max.Muehlenhaupt

I have reverted the project to BG-###, which looks like it has restored the project IDs. Project IDs do get stored on the individuals, so changing that key does break the links to the individuals from the projects.

I believe the current system of BG-### will increment from BG-999 to BG-1000 and then keep going up.

Do you need the initial padding of 0’s for BG-0891, or is that only in anticipation of a problem with BG-1000? I don’t think that will actually be a problem.


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Hi Jason,

thank you very much. The additional “0” is not needed as it was only in anticipation of reaching the 1000s. Good to know that this would not be a porblem.