Q re: 2 data fields: Submitter Affiliation & Submitter Organization

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

This is a follow up question to the bug report “Bulk upload - not picking up 2 columns in spreadsheet & other issues”.
I’m trying to understand the difference between two data fields bec I want to use them as different fields:

  1. Encounter.submitter0.affiliation
  2. Encounter.submitterOrganization

What I’m trying to do is use 1 field for the name of the organization that owns the images - in this case EWT South Africa and the other field for the institution that the researcher submitting the images is affiliated with, in this case Tshwane University of Technology.

How can I use these fields to do that? And if I can’t, why not? And what other solution is available to me?


Encounter.submitter0.affiliation will set the whatever String you put there as the professional affiliation of the submitted User, such as “Florida State University” or the NGO “Sharks in Israel”, etc. It is a freeform attribute of the User object in Wildbook (e.g., your account) and can help associate a submission with a User with an institution…but it really just provides context for the User (e.g., “Jason is with Wild Me”). It does not affect security or data ownership.

Encounter.submitterOrganization should not be in the list of supported fields for import (I am removing it) as it makes no sense given our actual security model. An Encounter does not have an Organization it belongs to. Rather, Encounters belong to Users (via their username set on Encounter.submitterID) and Users belong to Organizations. Organizations associate users, but security is still handled by pairwise relationships, meaning that not every User in an Organization can see another User’s data without their express permission.

What I’m trying to do is use 1 field for the name of the organization that owns the images

Currently in Wildbook, only Users own data. So setting Encounter.submitter0.affiliation (e.g., “EWT South Africa”) and Encounter.submitterID can give you an approximation of what you’re trying to achieve (e.g., Encounter.submitterID = “ewtresearcher1” and User “ewtresearcher1” is affiliated with “EWT South Africa”), but the actual User is the owner of the data.

I hope this clarifies.