Question about pre-matching before submission

What Wildbook should this feature be in? Flukebook

What would you like to see? This may already be possible, but Christy, Paul, and I were wondering if we pre-matched our photos within a sighting before importing into Flukebook, could the matched photos be treated as a collection of the same whale (with a temp ID), and then matched to ID’s in Flukebook as a group of photos of an individual. And then when a match was found, all of those photos would get the new ID.

How would this functionality help you? This would decrease the number of matches that come up and clutter the matching results since a lot of these matches are within-sighting matches. It is relatively easy for us to match photos within a sighting. What we are hoping for is to decrease the time that it takes to match to our “historical” catalogue.

@Anastasia @jason @jwaite
We are meeting today with Paul to start discussion of our protocol/process for using FB.
Can you give us any feedback/insights into pre-matching within sighting photos so that multiple photos of a whale can be grouped together BEFORE importing into FB?
Thanks, C

That’s a good question. I think you should be able to do this by treating the temporary ID as a new Marked Individual ID in Flukebook and then follow the merging process via the match results page later if you do find an existing match or by manually updating the identity on the Encounter page. You could combine this with adding those sightings to projects so that you can match whales within specific sightings only.

I don’t anticipate any issues with this approach, but I’d recommend testing this with a small set of Sightings to make sure managing matching this way works for you.