Question about roles under user management (SeadragonSearch)

I was wondering if there is documentation somewhere explaining what the different user roles are able to do within the site? I found this link but it doesn’t go into detail about the roles: Trying to decide which roles are appropriate for different team members- thank you!

Hi @ChrissyTustison

Great questions. Our docs are a little too high level about this.

For most users who want to enter and curate their own data (e.g., assign IDs), I recommend just the researcher role. If you want them to do bulk import, I recommend researcher+orgAdmin. If you want them to be able to support other users in Wildbook and do any task, I recommend the roles researcher+orgAdmin+admin.

The roles are additive, so an admin without the researcher role would have a lot of configuration power but be blocked from simple data management tasks.

A basic guide:

  • researcher - can do data manipulation of their own data, run matching, set IDs, search across all data, and export data.

  • orgAdmin - can process bulk imports and can add users in their own organization (if that organization has been set up in Wildbook)

  • admin - can edit any data. can configure and change Wildbook behavior. can add and modify users.

I hope that helps.


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