Question re: bulk import fields - submitter ID + submitter email + submitter organization

Hi there,

I wanted to ask what’s probably a dumb question - assuming a particular submitter ID + submitter email + submitter organization have all been set up in the system as a user account, is it necessary to fill in all 3 fields/columns in the bulk import spreadsheet or can we just put in the Submitter ID for each row and the system will pick up the remaining email & org info to populate in the Contact section of the encounter records?


Hi @ACWadmin1

Great questions.


  • populate Encounter.submitterID and

  • populate at least Encounter.submitterX.emailAddress and/or Encounter.photographerX.emailAddress

where X is replaced by 0, 1, 2, 3, etc. for each photographer and submitter.

More detail:

Always populate Encounter.submitterID. This assigns the Encounter to a user account (specifically that username) that will then own it (view/edit), but it makes no assumption about the submitter and photographer Contact data or their emails addresses or names. It is an entirely independent field.

For Contact info (submitter and photographer info), if that User account already exists by a unique email address, only the Encounter.submitterX.emailAddress and Encounter.photographerX.emailAddress fields are considered. This prevents a bulk import from overwriting personal information that a User has manually entered for their user account, such as preventing a misspelling of their name in a bulk import sheet from changing the correct spelling the user has already set.

If the User account does not already exist (via a unique email address look up), then the other submitterX and photographerX columns are considered when creating the new User in the database. In subsequent bulk imports then, those same fields will be ignored.


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