Question re: language-specific special characters

What Wildbook are you working in? Whiskerbook & ACW

A French language user of Whiskerbook has asked a great question - will the system accept language-specific special characters in bulk import metadata, such as: é; è; à; ç; ï; ê; etc? Would it work on the French language version of the site, if not the English version? (I doubt it but asking anyway.)

This would also be a question about the use of non-Latin alphabets in general, in metadata uploads - Arabic, Chinese, etc.


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Good question! Regardless of the language a Wildbook is viewed in, the image file name requirements for bulk imports stay the same: they can only include the English alphabet, 0-9, period, and space. I’m going to update the language in the Bulk Import help doc to reflect this.

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Thanks @Anastasia and @ACWadmin1 !

Are the requirements the same for the other fields of the bulk import file ? For example, for “Encounter.occurrenceRemarks” or “Encounter.photographerX.fullName” ?

@Lucas No, based on some of the bulk import testing I did today this character restriction only applies to the media asset field. It accepted non-English characters in name fields and comment fields.

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