Questions about interface and matching

Hi Mark,

We are having a few other issues with Wildbook that we wanted to bring to your attention.

1.) Some individuals are not showing up in the search bar. The individuals exist however are not in the search bar such as 2020_0085 in the attached image. Is this an issue with the way that we are assigning the individuals id?

2.) The detection boxes only appear when looking at a specific encounter. When looking more closely at the picture or looking at the individual the detection boxes are not present. Is there a way that the detection boxes could be present in all images? When looking at a individual, it can be difficult to know which zebra in the photo is the individual. This can cause confusion when trying to verify matches, so it would be really helpful to know which zebra is in the individual. For example with the attached individual summary page, it is hard to tell which zebra it is referring to, then looking more specifically at the encounter you see the individual is the zebra in the background.
3.) In the matching, sometimes a really good match isn’t detected well. For example with the attached image these two zebras are clearly a match, however, it is the fifth option and it has a really low score. Will this improve the more matches we make or is there something else going on?
4.) When matching individuals, often times there are multiple zebras that are a match. When assigning the ID to the first individual, it works, however, if you try to assign the id to another image that is the same zebra you get an error message. Is there a way to assign multiple images to the same individual ID at once?

Thank you for all of your help.

@maggieliebich ,
I have split your questions here off to another thread. In the future, please create new topics unless addressing the same issue as the post you are adding to.


I will address a couple of the points:

Point 2: annotations do not display in all views of the animal.

This is a known concern for people working with social animals. We have taken the feedback for Codex, the next generation product, but at the moment, there are no plans to make this adjustment in Wildbook.

Point 3: Poor detection of match

This is something that will improve with more detections and a retraining of the model. At present, I don’t believe anyone has started a conversation about retraining the model again; it is typically encouraged after large submissions of new data, so likely after the work you all are doing.

Point 4: Matching multiple images to same individual ID at once

This is not presently possible.

As to your first point, that is potentially an issue that needs addressing and we will get someone looking at it here soon.

Hi, Maggie!

For part 1, can I ask what type of computer/operating system you’re using (PC, Mac OS, Linux/Unix), which browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.), and which OS and browser versions you’re using?

I can’t seem to reproduce your issue:


Thank you for all of your answers. I am using a Mac OS 10.15.6 and Chrome 88.0.4324.192.

Thank you so much

Hi, Maggie!
Can I confirm that you are still having this problem?
I still can’t seem to reproduce it with the same version of Chrome (although I have v.11.2.1 as my Mac OS).

Another possibility is that you don’t have access to 0085 for some reason (which seems unlikely because you have it pulled up in your screenshot)?
Thanks again,

Hi Mark,

I just double checked and it seems to be showing up now. I guess it was a glitch during the time I was trying to pull it up.


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Hi, Maggie!
Woohoo! Glad to hear!
I believe that resolves this thread?