Queued unidentified photos

Hi Jason,
They have been delays in Bulk import since Monday 14th Nov. Identification pipeline status shows “identification step” has zero queued job yet the photos are not ready for identification.

Kindly assist us.
Sighting 9f99abe4-dd8c-4e7f-ab6d-af69385a62a9 • Zebra Codex (wildme.org)

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Hi Jason,

I am having the same issues.

Sighting 203acb03-22cc-4725-a289-44bc3f36e7f1 • Zebra Codex (wildme.org)

Please advise.

Hi @Margaret and @Rosemary

The queue was very full of hundreds of ID jobs. It has now completed all of its work. You should be able to run ID again and get faster results.

Two issues emerged that we are working to fix and understand:

  1. ID jobs are notusing the HotSpotter cache correctly, and we’re working on a minor code fix here. This should speed up matching ID jobs.

  2. @Margaret The link to the sighing above looks like a bug. We are investigating.

Thank you,

Thank you for your reply, however the queue is not complete yet to run ID’s.

Secondly, we have uploads for John Naisiki which are not available in the sightings. He had committed more than 200 photos on November 14th. Please how do we trace them to complete identification.