Quick text fix please?

I noticed on the Spot A Shark USA website Adopt A Shark page it still reads ‘Tiger Shark Adopter’. Can we get that changed to ‘Sand Tiger Shark’ please?


Hey @Carol,
Looking at the page now. Where does it say Tiger Shark Adopter that you want it changed? The only place I’m seeing it is over the adoption highlights:

yes. IN those blue bars, those should all read Sand Tiger Shark Adopter please.

Ah! Gotcha! I thought you were asking us to get rid of the word adopter. All makes sense now! We’ll be tracking this with WB-639

Thanks Tanya - What is WB-639?

We provide the number we use to track things in our internal system so, if it takes us a while to complete something, or if we need to reference the work done in a previous ticket, we can find it easily. From your end, it just lets you know that we’ve got it on the list of to-do, and makes it easier for you to poke at us directly if we don’t get the work done in a timely manner.

Hey @Carol!
We got this text fix in. Should be good to go!

Hi Tanya - Thanks for fixing this for us!