Refine User Permissions on Sharkbook By Species

What Wildbook should this feature be in?

What would you like to see?

It would be useful to increase the granularity of user permissions in Sharkbook – first, to allow access (only) for individual species in the library.

Eventually, the regional permissions might a cleanup, as they’re a mix of numerical codes and written locations at present. In the interim, though, I’d also like to add a few locations:

New Zealand (parent)

  • Bay of Plenty
  • Stewart Island

How would this functionality help you?

I’m onboarding new image contributors and processors at the moment, so I want to ensure that they have appropriate permissions for their focal species / areas.

Hi @simonjpierce

You’ve got 3 separate requests in here, so I’m going to split them into their own posts so they can be addressed appropriately.

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Thanks @Anastasia ! Apologies, my brain is a jumble sometimes (oftentimes).

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