Request to access Result Table for New Location ID

Dear @jason and @gonzo_araujo, I would like to request for accessing result table of new location ID (Brunei).

What Wildbook should this feature be in?
Wildbook for Shark

What would you like to see?
New location ID for Brunei was added to the Wildbook. I wish to edit and assign id for the whale sharks in the location. However, I can’t search any result table for Brunei and unable to edit the information of sighting case. I request WildMe to approve my access to the data of new location ID (Brunei).

How would this functionality help you?
I can search Brunei (country in Borneo island) in the browser of the Wildbook.
Approve my access to edit the details of the sightings set to location ID (Brunei).
Establish new research of WS individuals in Brunei.


My account id in the Wildbook for Shark is ‘siantiansee’.

Hi @See_ST

We have added permissions for you for Brunei. There is only one such Encounter in the database.

But we look forward to you building that catalog. Thank you!


Hi @jason

Thank you for your reply and Wild Me team support. I can access the database now.

Thanks a lot.


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