Requested collaboration on my own account

Hello! I hope you are doing well.
I’m starting the bulk import, but upon the correct upload of the images, to have access to the encounters, I was requested to approve a collaboration with myself!

I did accept it, but I never received the e-mail.
What can be done?
Thank you very much!

hi @isisviviane.1212

Users can’t collaborate with themselves despite the confusing error message that says otherwise. :sweat_smile:

It looks like this came from a bulk import that was missing the Encounter.submitterID field or the data was entered incorrectly (needs to be a valid Flukebook username). When this happens, nobody is assigned to the encounter. Wildbooks don’t automatically consider the user who uploaded the import the submitter.

I suggest deleting the bulk import, updating your spreadsheet so that there’s a username associated with Encounter.submitterID , and re-importing your spreadsheet.