Restricting Seadragon Match Results by Location

Hi guys, I know a while back we had discussed restricting seadragon match results by state, so for example, an encounter in Tasmania would only match to other encounters in Tasmania. I was wondering if this has been implemented yet? I’ve been processing photos from New South Wales, and some encounters only had suggestions from other NSW encounters, but these two have suggestions from Tasmania and Victoria:


Hi Chrissy!

The location based matching set restrictions are indeed active on Dragonsearch Wildbook,
but they are dependent on the ‘Location ID’ field being set.

I see on the two encounters you linked that the location description references NSW, but the location ID does not. This will result in the encounter being matched against candidates from all available locations.

If you edit location, set the appropriate NSW location ID then click the ‘start another matching job’ in the image’s dropdown menu the results should be limited to the appropriate encounters, if those encounters also have the location ID set correctly.

Let me know if you have any questions or issues regarding this. Thanks!

Hi @ChrissyTustison! Thanks for posting your question to the forums.

We believe that we’ve provided the support you were looking for, so I’m going to go ahead and mark this as “resolved”, to better help users who may look for similar help in the future. If it turns out that we didn’t get you the help you were looking for, post back here and I’ll happily revert it.

Thanks so much!

Thanks Colin! This completely makes sense. But then I actually had another instance of this even when the location was chosen from the dropdown menu:

Was a NSW dragon matching to TAS dragons… Thanks again for helping sort this out!


Thanks Tanya! I ended up with another question on this topic that I addressed to Colin in this same thread…

Hi Chrissy,

I’ve taken a look at this encounter with the location ID set. When I ran another matching job, only appropriate matching candidates were shown. I also submitted a new test encounter and watched the
logs to make sure the matching set was being gathered correctly, and it looks like the NSW seadragons were gathered for this new test image.

This could have been caused by the location ID being selected after initial encounter submission, or the non-NSW results that were shown not having a location ID set at the time the job was started. I did check the individuals in these results and they seem to have the correct location ID as of now.
Do you think the location ID for this encounter, or the ones that showed up incorrectly could have been set after the time the image analysis job was started?

I’m not sure what exactly happened in the order of operations, but as far as I can tell it is working correctly now. I’ve re-run both sides and NSW seems to be the only target. Please let me know if you see this again or have any updates.


Thanks Colin! I don’t think the NSW location was changed after the initial submission, but maybe the TAS ones were? Either way, glad it’s working properly, and I will keep you posted if I see it come up again. Appreciate your help!