Right click to open match results' candidate source encounters

What Wildbook should this feature be in?

What would you like to see?
Ability to right click on a match result candidate row to open the related encounter in a separate tab.

How would this functionality help you?
This was actually how links to source encounters in a match candidate list used to work but somewhere along the way, it no longer works like this. This causes the user several extra steps and/or multiple occasions of moving off the match results page to an encounter record and then back again.

A match results page can take a while to load, especiallly for users with limited bandwidth. Often users want to look at contextual details of a match candidate (location, other images in the same encounter, etc) as part of the process of validating if that match candidate is a correct match. The user may want to do this for several match candidates on a given match results page.

Currently, in order to do that without losing the match results page, a user needs to create a duplicate match results tab and then click directly on a match candidate link in order to access the source encounter - and they have to do this for each match candidate they want to evaluate in this way.

It seems an unnecessary series of extra steps when the original functionality, right click to open a source encounter from a match candidate in a separate tab, was a smoother, less clunky process.

Maybe this is should be a bug report since it no longer works the way it used to?


cc: @paulk & @Lucas

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