SAS encoutner links broken

This is from an email I got today from Shawn HArper, a DSO at the Aquariums and frequestn SAS diver/contributor:

"As a side note, Mikayla is still working through all the files I gave her this summer. Some to the ones she has recently added to the database I thought had already been added in the past… so I went to check past SAS emails with links to my shark images that have been previously ID’d… but none of the links’ work anymore – like NONE – and I have over 400 SAS Encounter emails from the past!

Not sure if you are aware of this issue or not… but here’s an example of the error code I get when I try to view one of my past shark encounter IDs.


An error occurred with your link redirect. Our team has been informed and will check this issue.


Hi, @Carol!
Could I ask you or Shawn to post a link of a failed encounter herein?
I’m having some trouble reproducing what you’re experiencing.

It looks like you may have tried to include a link in your previous post, but I can’t see it.