Save encounters of non registered users into a project

I’m working for an NGO in the Philippines and we are currently thinking of the best way to implement IoT tere. Is there any way for us to see the submissions of tourists/divers who would submit their encounters themself on IoT without an account, and add their submissions to our projects? Or do we have to submit their pictures ourself with the researcher account we have? We are also working in Belize, so we would need to keep tracks of all submissions in both countries within 2 different projects.

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There are two ways to do this:

  1. Ask your tourists/divers to select your project from the list when they submit their encounters

  2. On the Encounter Search page, expand the Metadata filters section and under Assigned to user select “public data”. Add other filters such as Location, Date, etc. that will help you find relevant encounters. On the Search Results page click on the Project Management tab and select your project to add the encounters to it. Keep in mind that this will add all of the encounters in this search result to your project.