SeadragonSearch- system duplicating deleted encounters and removed photos

What Wildbook are you working in?


What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred?

Example #1:

Example #2:

Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?

We had some students submit encounters to SeadragonSearch for a citizen science workshop. Afterward when I went in to process the encounters, I noticed that there were some duplicates (same photo submitted multiple times in different encounters) and mixed lots (photos of different seadragons submitted together in one encounter). I deleted the duplicate encounters using the delete feature under the metadata section, and removed extra photos from the mixed lots using ‘remove this image’ on the hamburger menu on each photo.

Then today, Nerida noticed that there were a bunch of mystery encounters in the unapproved encounters box, and when I went in to investigate, I realized these were all the photos I had removed and duplicate encounters I had deleted. So we aren’t sure why the system brought them back and made them into new encounters?

To keep our unapproved encounters box clean I’m deleting most of them but leaving the two examples above for you to see. Example #1 was a duplicate encounter that I had deleted that came back, and Example #2 was a photo in a mixed lot that I had removed from that encounter. Let me know if you have any other questions for me!

Can you provide steps on how to reproduce what you’re experiencing?

To reproduce this you would need to either delete an encounter or remove a photo from an encounter, then give the system a day or so and see if it comes back as a new encounter. I’m not sure if it will happen again?

If this is a bulk import report, send the spreadsheet to with the email subject line matching your bug report


Thanks for being patient on a reply to this. I’ve investigated the second encounter you linked, since the first one seems to be deleted. There is unfortunately not a ton of information to report, but I’ll tell you what I know.

The image was indeed stored on the server in two places, so two different encounters contained it at some point. This can be due to multiple submissions of the same image or multiple animal detection.

I extracted the single photo and made a test encounter. Detection ran normally and there was only a single animal found.

I’ve then deleted this encounter, and will keep tabs on it to see if the issue you saw happens again.

The only other information I was able to glean was the encounter creation time: 24-Aug-2020 21:50 PST, and the fact it was submitted without any metadata. The data might provide some insight as to whether it was created during your training session, or after.

Please let me know if you see this again and send other examples. I’ve saved this as a ticket for investigation: WB-854. There isn’t much I can do without more clues, but that will give us a reference point. I’ll also keep an eye out for my deleted encounter in ‘unnaproved’.


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