Seal Codex - Features needed to help make the input of data and review of matches easier

What Wildbook should this feature be in? Seal Codex

What would you like to see?

  1. Set up a clear mechanism indicating “NOT A MATCH or “No Matches”
  2. Make the bounding box edge much much thinner so as not to obscure parts of the image
  3. Allow one to zoom in (enlarge) a potential match when reviewing.
  4. Please add “SANDBAR,” “FLOATING DOCK/ VESSEL,” and ‘”OCEAN BEACH.” to choices under within the WWFNORPPAGALLERIA section the entry for Observation Type
    5.Try to capture lat/long data directly from EXIF

How would this functionality help you?
For 1 - somewhat self explanatory
for 2 - the bounding box obscures the image
…3. - the information content in enlarged images makes it easier to assess whether the matches are correct
4 - provides accuracy
5- easier workflow if images are geotagged

Hi @Akopelman

I have some clarifying questions about #4.

  • Codex can be picky about certain characters used in the location field. For “floating dock/vessel” do you mind if we make this two entries (“floating dock” and “vessel”)?
  • For “ocean beach” do we also need to include something like “river beach” to distinguish the type of beach we’re referring to? If not, my recommendation is to just use “beach” for simplicity’s sake.

Hey @Akopelman
We are currently planning on a rework of the match interface which will address 1 and 3.

Regarding #2: there are a number of ways to address the bounding box edge. So far, every person I’ve met with has had a different request (color, width, it should/shouldn’t be dashed, different color for species/part/terrain), which doesn’t seem feasible to accomplish short of allowing users to customize their bounding box on a per-image basis.

An alternative I’ve been kicking around is a toggle for the bounding box; you click it on and off. Partnered with the zoom controls, it seems like it could do the trick for the majority of requests around this. What are your thoughts?


Tanya, thanks for your response -
I’ve never had seals on vessels, but some might- so vessels, floating docks, and sand (instead of beach type) would be perfect. As to the bounding box, being able to toggle it on/off and zoom would be perfect.


Hi @Akopelman

I’ve added vessel, floating dock, and sand as observation options.