Several issues I have with Wildbook Lynx

I am in the process of discovering Wildbook lynx which seems awesome and seems to meet our needs perfectly (monitoring lynx populations in the French Alps by identifying individuals). I’m having difficulty using it, which is probably related to my lack of experience with the software. Can you help me with the below issues please?

I’m sorry for these many questions, if the answer to some are described in the manual do not hesitate to ask me to look better. I have tried to find the answers, but have not succeeded so far with those.

Thank you in advance for your help !!

What Wildbook are you working in?
Wildbook Lynx

What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred?



4) no special URL
5) Wildbook
6) When we do “start another match” => “Location Id” (I can’t provide the url as it is a pop-up)

Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?

  1. Automatic detection is not done in some of the encounters I created, I got around the difficulty by doing “add annotation”, but I do not understand why it was not done automatically when the queue was empty. Am I missing something ?
    NB : this problem seems solved as of

  2. There is sometimes an error when I do the matching → “there was an error with task 38759ac2-9cec-49cd-ba28-010951eb154f: unknown error

  3. I would like to indicate the place of the encounter so that I can consult them again in the future or share them with my partners, but I do not want them to be visible to everyone as I work on a vulnerable species and there are also a lot of device thefts in my area. Could you tell me how I can set up silo security, please ?

  4. I can’t find how I can delete en encouter I created, if I made a mistake for example.

  5. When I try to add an image in an existing encounter, it doesn’t work: it keeps loading but never adds the image

  6. There is no location ID “France” or “Alpes françaises” (French Alps), which would be usefull for the matching as we know our lynx are not the ones seen in Spain for example.
    Moreover, When I check “select all Locations ID” it writes “20955 Encounters (1314 selected)” => Shouldn’t it be 20955 selected?

Thanks for your help :pray:

Hi @Lucas!

Automatic annotations work most of the time, but it’s not perfect. Sometimes it will annotate something that’s not an animal or only detect part of an animal. That’s why it’s important to review each encounter for accuracy.

I saw this and another: “There was an error with task a9c97890-a31c-4859-955c-6d801a938ada: No data to match against, please refine your matching parameters.” For the unknown error, sometimes it helps to restart the match process. If that doesn’t help, can you share the link to the encounter page (not the match page) so I can see what might be causing it? When you see “no data to match against” that just means we weren’t able to find any matches for that particular animal. That’s not technically an error, but it would be safe to consider it a new individual when that happens.

Your encounters are private by default. If you want specific users to be able to view or edit them, you can set up a collaboration with them in your account.

Click on the edit button of the Metadata section. You’ll see a red button that says “delete encounter”.

I just tried this with a test image and I’m getting the same problem. Thanks for letting us know. I’ll add this to our bug reports. As a workaround until it’s fixed, make sure to add all of the encounter images at once in the original upload.

I can add the French Alps to the drop-down menu of the Location ID. I’ll try and get that done today so you can finish working on your encounters.

I’ll address a few other things I noticed while reviewing your encounters:

  • I noticed that there’s no image on this encounter or this one. You can try deleting the encounters from the Metadata section and uploading them again with the correct images selected.
  • This encounter and this one appear to be the annotations from this one. When you create two annotations on an image (such as if there are two animals in it or if you replace the old annotation with a more accurate one), the system will create a new encounter page for any additional annotations. You can find an explanation for this in #4 at this link.
  • The taxonomy is missing from this encounter. You’ll need to add the species to the Attributes section before you annotate and run a match on it. Since this is a duplicate of your other encounter, you may not want to worry about it if matches from the original photo are working normally for you.
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I just added France > Alpes françaises as a new location ID in Lynx. :smiling_face:

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Hi @Anastasia, thank you so much for your help !! :blush:

Thanks for all the tips you provided me and for adding “France” and “Alpes françaises” :slight_smile:

The only error I sill encounter is n°2.
I tried to restart the match process (“start another match”) but I still encounter the error, for example with this encounter : Wildbook or this one : Wildbook or this one : Wildbook

  • When I clicked on “Match results” I got this error firstly : “there was an error with task d8f9ce28-16e5-451c-a25f-85306a7e08f6: unknown error”. On this encounter, automatic detection didn’t work and I used the “add annotation” button, maybe I did it wrong ?

  • I tried again (“start another march” and “match results”) and this time I got this error " there was an error with task eeac5d98-eb2f-4c52-bb51-bdb7792ec6a4: No data to match against, please refine your matching parameters.".

This seems quite surprising, because it should at least match with this encounter (it’s exactly the same picture, I just cropped it on one of the encounters !) : Wildbook

Hi @Anastasia,

I have encountered another difficulty :
When I create a new encounter (“report encounter”) and I assign a Location ID (“Alpes françaises”) and I save the encounter, the “location ID” is not saved.
On the other hand, if I go back to open the encounter and add the location ID later, it is indeed saved.
For example : Wildbook => the location ID I chose when I created the encounter has not been saved.

Is there a way to save the location ID as soon as I create the new encounter ?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I don’t know why this one was being weird. It was a duplicate encounter, so I deleted it. The main encounter it came from loads match results correctly, so you’re all set with that one.

This is actually ok to see. That just means that based on the location ID you selected, we didn’t find other lynxes that were potential matches for it.

This can happen when the location ID are different for each image. In that link, there’s no location set for it, which is likely why the algorithm isn’t finding the similar image for it. Since matching is based on location, it’s not going to show you matches outside of the area you selected to run identification.

It sounds like you found another bug; I’m sorry about that! I’ll add it to our bug list.

We can make you an account on Whiskerbook since there’s a larger database of the Eurasian Lynx to match against. I just learned that Wildbook for Lynx is primarily for the Iberian Lynx. Even though the Eurasian Lynx is supported, there’s not as big of a database for it there. Let me know if you’re interested and I can set that up for you!

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Hi @Anastasia ,

Thank you so much for your help !! :blush:

I would love to have a Whiskerbook acount, please ! I took a look at it and it seems indeed the good one for our work on Eurasian lynx :+1:

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No problem! I’m glad I could help.

I’ve sent you an email with your account details for Whiskerbook.

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