Sharkbook Ai - export

Within the new Sharkbook.Ai system, due to the inability to filter by country, or species, when you go to export the data it tries to export everything. The dataset is so incredibly large that it crashes and does not export.

Is there the ability to add filters so that we can filter encounters by country (ideally in Australia we need to filter by East Coast Australia and West Coast Australia separately) and by species so that it is more manageable to review encounters, and export data.


Hi, @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark !
This should be possible already:

Search → Encounter Search → Observation attribute filters → Select your species → Go back up to Location filter (map) → Follow the instructions there to select a subset of the world map (e.g., just eastern or just western Australia) → Click “Search Encounters” → In Encounter Search Results, click the export tab.

Can I have you confirm that this works for you?

Hi Mark - thanks! Got it!

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