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Hi guys, in the new I notice that when we ask somebody to upload their encounter it is now showing multiple locations for the entire world for every species, and all of our previous locations that we use in Australia under the previous (Australia) have disappeared. All our locations that we monitor have been summarised into “NSW” and “QLD” which is not manageable and will lose our ability to monitor aggregation sites.

For Australia, since there are 2 genetically distinct species in Western Australia, and Eastern Australia, it would be better if you could list sites as such. I.e. Eastern Australia as heading, with locations underneath such as Byron Bay, North Bondi, South Bondi etc.

Hi, @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark !

We can definitely get all of the Western and Eastern locationIDs in order. This ticket is filed internally as WB-1868. Will report back here when we’ve made progress on this!


Looks like its now resolved?

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Looks like we resolved this on 10/25.


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Yep we can close this ticket thanks