Sharkbook Search Page Frozen

In which Wildbook did the issue occur? Sharkbook

What operating system were you using? Linux

What web browser were you using? Chromium/Not Chrome: v. 23.0.6312.86

What is your role on the site? PI

What happened?

  1. When I go to the page, the results table appears to be frozen on ‘loading results’ from a prior search–not mine

  2. The Search function does not bring up any results

  3. I cannot move between tabs, ie: Project Management, etc. also unresponsive.

What did you expect to happen? For the page to be functional

What are some steps we could take to reproduce the issue?

Simply go to the Search page of Shark book and do a search. I have tested this in both Firefox and Chromium browsers.

Hi @scubapro25

Sharkbook appears to be offline entirely right now. I’m going to restart it now and then check on that search issue.

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Sharkbook is back up and search is working for me. My test search was for all of Rhincodon typus.

Depending on what specifically your search filters are, if there’s a large number of results to load, it can take a few minutes to fully load (this is when it won’t let you click on the search tab because it’s not done loading the last tab you were on).

I’m still not getting any results for Notorynchus cepedianus [Sevengill sharks]

Also, nothing comes up for our main location, La Jolla, where we’ve documented numerous sightings.

Resolved per additional discussion over private message.