Sighting lynx advice

What Wildbook are you working in?

I need advice
In bulk report I have a couple of photos where more lynx appear. If I understand correctly, I need to use Sighting inport seperetly or I can yust add appropriate categories in bulk imort spredsheet.
I used Occurrence.comments and porgram acepted it but I don’t know if new order of multiple encounters can confuse the program.

I read @jason ’ s coment on topick " Report encounter"
I will put annotation seperatly for animals on pictures. I have more pictures of that situation and i have picture of present individuals seperetly.


Hi @Stjepan

It is OK if multiple animals are in a single photo. If the machine learning detector finds both, it will create a new Encounter for each annotation after number 1 since it know that two animals in one photo can’t be the same animal.

If it finds only one of the animals automatically, you may still need to create a manual annotation (documentation:, but upon creating the second annotation in a single photo, the system will also create a duplicate Encounter to hold the second animal.

Things get more complex if you upload 2 or more photos (let’s call this variable N) and each has 2 or more individuals (let’s call this variable M)…the system will create NxM encounters because it does not know initially who matches who in each of the photos. So for bulk imports where you have photos with multiple individuals, we recommend one photo per bulk import row. It keeps the data simpler, though two or more Encounters may still be created.

How is the Iberian lynx detector working for Eurasian lynx? Is it finding most animals, or do you find you still need to draw a lot of bounding boxes?


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HI @jason,

Thank you so much for your quick reply.