Sighting preparation in Bulk import

Hi Jason,

It’s 19hrs since I uploaded these 44 photos in Bulk import, is this normal?

Sighting 31348215-c2a8-4f00-a131-e2375ad97f56 • Zebra Codex (



I have the same issue. 5 photos, 21 hours so far.

Sighting 52737f24-c3c4-4595-8cbc-04663f27ee65 • Zebra Codex (

Hi @Margaret and @Rosemary

Thanks for reporting this. It is beyond my ability to debug, so I’ll have the software team look.


Hi @Rosemary and @Margaret

This turned out to be a long backlog in our system queue. We assigned more processing power to the queue, and it cleared up overnight. All work in the system has completed.

On our side, we are still investigating why the queue backed up, but you can proceed reviewing the linked results above and using the system.


Thank you, Jason, it has cleared on my side.