Slowness & stalled match results yesterday afternoon & overnight

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred?
Sorry, I don’t have this; only screenshots from the user of what she ran into:

  1. Initial result after waiting much longer than she’s used to for a new set of match results:

  2. After refreshing the match results page, here’s what she saw:

I’m unable to reproduce any slowness this morning, which is good but I did have issues yesterday afternoon myself, when running some test matches - I saw some “fetching match results” that didn’t ever display any results, even after refreshing the page. Exiting the initial stalled results page and selecting view “match results” from the original encounter record did then display the match results.

We’re wondering if there was something going on in the background yesterday afternoon and/or overnight that might have caused this?

Meanwhile, I’ve recommended that this user select “my data” in her match criteria going forward to help speed up that process.


There appeared to have been some instability with Azure that we resolved today, and it impacted our tier 1 platforms (which includes ACW). Basically Azure took our GPU offline.
We are pretty sure we’ve sorted out how to prevent it in the future, but because it was an Azure issue, we aren’t entirely sure of the bounds of when it started. That’s our best guess for what could have done that on our end, though.


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It happens! Thanks for the follow up.

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