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Hi There,

I just wanted help with regards to my Giraffe Spotter access. I tried to start a project but it said access denied. Is it possible to get permission to start a project on there?

I am also waiting for feedback from the carnivore Wildbook. Just wondering if my message has been received or if I should maybe resubmit?

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Hi @fiona.evans

I can create the new project for you.

  • What name would you like for the project
  • Is there a numbering scheme for individual giraffe that you want to follow, such as G-0001, G-0002, etc.?

Regarding ACW access, please be patient. I am sure they will respond but may be busy.


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Hi Fiona

I will send you an email shortly re ACW access.



CC: @ACWadmin1

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Hi Jason,
Thanks for your response.
“Ol Jogi Reticulated Giraffe Project”. What I am ultimately after is being able to build on and extract and map Ol Jogi data out of Wildbook.
Then of course we also want be able to contribute to the greater database. Right now I can’t seem to view my previous encounters. Everywhere I go on Giraffe Spotter seems to say “access denied”.

In terms of a numbering scheme: You will need to guide us on this… our system is open and the animals can move onto or off of the conservancy. So I don’t want to name animals when they already have existing IDs on the system. So what do you suggest in terms of a numbering scheme?

Thanks again

I created the project for you:

You can now begin adding Encounters to it via Encounter Search.

I also added additional permissions to your account, which should unlock more functions and areas in Wildbook.

Please let me know if this resolves your issues.


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Hi Jason,

Thank you for your help.

All the best,