Status (dead/alive) not assigned to bulk import metadata

What Wildbook are you working in? IoT

Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing? When filtering data for export and choosing “alive” as status, we’ve noticed that this drastically reduced the number of turtles identified from a location. The only reason I can think for this to be happening is that it was not a field that I filled on the metadata sheet, therefore the status of all of those entries has been left blank. Is there a way to assign those blanks to “alive”?

If this is a bulk import report, send the spreadsheet to with the email subject line matching your bug report

Hey @Jill-ORP,
You can assign alive or dead using the field Encounter.livingStatus. Accepted values for this field are alive or dead.
We have the full list of values supported available here in the wiki on the Bulk Import page should you need to find this in the future.


Thanks Tanya. Is there anyway to do this for bulk imports already in the system?

I’ve uploaded 24,000+ encounters - no way to go through them one by one now.

This answer is two parts.
Technically, no, we don’t support the ability to make bulk changes other than the initial upload. We are considering bulk update capability for next gen, but this is not currently feasible.
With an upgrade to IOT, we can get you the ability to delete existing imports, so you can re-import them if you want (although this will require you to redo any matching that had been done). That’s the best we can do at present within the software.

If you just need all the empty Encounter.livingStatus fields set to alive, that is something we can do with a scripted adjustment. However, if different statuses need to be applied, we can’t made that adjustment other than manually.

Hi Tanya
I can confirm that I only want to have all the empty fields set to alive

Okay, cool. I’m creating a support ticket for this, and we’ll pull this as able. We’re tracking it under WB-1104.

Hi Jillian,

I’ve now updated all encounters for ORP and ORP regional users with empty fields for living status to alive.