Stopped in the middle of a sumition to the IA

Hello again, as I am learning to use and gained the privilege to send the images to the IA, I clicked to send the bulk import so the IA could establish the squares to analyze where the dolphins are. But, in the middle of the process, I was suddenly logged off the internet, so it isn’t finalized. But every time I log in again, the process is frozen, it doesn’t continue where I left it on. As can be seen on the print screen below

continues on 218 images, indefinitly.
What can I do in this case?
My best regards, Ísis Viviane.

Hello @isisviviane.1212

Was this issue resolved? I no longer see the bulk import with that number in the system.


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Thank you! It was not resolved, but I decided to start the process again, from the beginning. I’m redoing the excel spreadsheet and everything. I would like to confirm, if I can upload the Encounter.mediaAsset with parenthesis, as demonstrated on the print screen I’m sending.
Also, I thinking about the necessity to crop the image or any process that would be auxiliary to the IA selecting and identifying the individual. Would like to know tour take on that! Thank you so much, Isis Viviane.