System-generated encounters are approved not unapproved

Low priority - below is different from what I expected to see but not an issue for ACW. I’d just like to confirm that this is now expected behaviour (likely as a result of a deliberate change by Wild Me) and not a bug.

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

What is the entire URL out of the browser, exactly where the error occurred?
Re: OccurrenceID: BPC_OvrvwWtd_Fldr25_2019_09_22

Can you describe what the issue is you’re experiencing?
I did a bulk import of 40 rows. After detection, the # of encounters grew to 101. All good and expected. However, the original upload had all encounters / rows set to “approved” state. Post upload & detection, all 101 encounters are set to “approved”. What I’m used to is that the system-generated encounters are all set to “unapproved”.

cc: @PaulK

Bulk imports are treated as “approved” because they are being performed by someone with researcher-level permissions or higher. You can force the encounters to be unapproved by setting the state using Encounter.state and setting the value to unapproved (case sensitive).

Hi @tanyastere, I do understand that. What I was referring to are the cloned encounters generated by the system from media assets uploaded via bulk import. Previously, the cloned encounters would show up as unapproved, even when the original encounter was set to approved in the upload spreadsheet. What I saw in this instance now, is that both the originally uploaded encounters (which were set to approved in the spreadsheet) and the cloned encounters both show up in the system as approved. So different from what I’ve seen previously.

Again, not a problem for us but since it’s a change from previous, I just wanted to know if this was on purpose or unexpected behaviour.



What you are seeing is indeed the intended behavior. The central logic to clone the encounter metadata shouldn’t make assumptions about what should and shouldn’t be transferred, so we trust the approved status of the original one. If an unapproved encounter were to be cloned that state would transfer also.

Hope that helps.