Turn off HotSpotter for jaguars in Whiskerbook

Hi there,

I just noticed that HotSpotter is still turned on for bulk imports of jaguar in Whiskerbook. I’m about to onboard a bunch of jaguar-focussed users and so I think it would be best for them not to experience the HS issues we had on ACW.

It’s not a rush but if someone could turn off HS for jaguar bulk imports in Whiskerbook, I’d appreciate it.


cc: @PaulK

Hi @ACWadmin1

Hotspotter is already turned off for jaguars in Whiskerbook. If you’re seeing something different, please link us to an affected bulk import so we can research further.

Hi @Anastasia, here’s the jaguar bulk import run through ID in the past several days, with HotSpotter results, in addition to the MiewID results: Whiskerbook

Ok, it should be turned off now. I re-sent that import through ID and it should return only MiewID results now.