Turn off HotSpotter for ocelot bulk imports in Whiskerbook

Hi, since ocelots now have MiewID to run against for bulk imports, could someone please turn off HotSpotter for ocelot bulk imports, please?

I just tested to see if it was still on and it is, per this bulk import: Whiskerbook | Login


I should have an update on this by tomorrow!

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There was some weirdness with the code that took a little longer to figure out, but Hotspotter should be off for ocelot imports now. I just re-sent this import to ID as a test.

Let me know if you still see Hotspotter appear.

Thanks, it looks good! I just onboarded a new organization and they’ll be starting with ocelots in Bolivia and I’m happy that they won’t have a chance get attached to HotSpotter :joy:

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