Unable to export KML or Shapefile

Hi I need your help please,
I am unable to export the KLM or Shapefiles it gives me the below error, please help.
Thank you.

Action results

Error encountered with file writing. Check the relevant log.

Please let the webmaster know you encountered an error at: EncounterSearchExportKML servlet

Hi @Aggrey

Can you please send the link from your browser that gives that error?

Thank you,

Hi Jason,
Thank you so much for reaching out.
Here is the link

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Thank you for bringing this to my attention @Aggrey! The disk was full. I have cleared up some space, and the link you shared in working normally again.

Please let me know if it work for you.

Thank you,

Thank you so much Jason,
I have successfully downloaded them, thank you.
I think it also explains why at the same time it was giving me an error trying to upload the bulk import.
All sorted, thank you so much.