Updates to collaboration access & org admin role

What Wildbook should this feature be in? ACW + Whiskerbook + all :innocent:

What would you like to see?

  1. Currently, research-level users who have edit collaborations between them are not able to access each other’s bulk imports, unless they have OrgAdmin-level rights. It would be good if researchers could have access to each other’s bulk imports without needing the OrgAdmin role.

Benefit: This would allow for large organizations to enable collaborations between project-level researchers without granting them access to the entire organization’s data.

  1. OrgAdmin role - it would be valuable for people with the OrgAdmin role to know what collaborations are in place with users from their organizations.

Benefit: Additional layer of data security oversight - This will enable a level of oversight to ensure data is not being shared in contravention of existing data ownership or sharing agreements.


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Hi @ACWadmin1 !

Good ideas, I would love that too in Whiskerbook :+1: :blush:

For the second, in addition to knowing them, it would seem useful to me that OrgAdmins also have the possibility to manage collaborations, to help the less computer-savvy users to manage these collaborations.

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A very big THANKS to the developers for the great developments of Whiskerbook, especially on this very useful point :pray: :heart: