Use of projects? to facilitate sharing data across users in the same organization

What Wildbook are you working in? ACW

We’ve been asked about ways to share data in the system across users from within a particular conservation organization. This due to the fact that researchers come and go for various reasons, but an organization’s data is used by successive users over time. We’ve been asked about a generic user ID which we don’t do for security reasons but is there another way to solve for this, other than the user-to-user “request access” approach? Can it be done using the updated “projects” functionality?

If not in the current version, is anything like this planned for next gen?


Projects would be a great use case for this. It allows anyone who is added to the project to add data, and the data shared would still be accessible in the project, even as researchers come and go. I’d recommend a site admin or organization leader to create the project so they can act as the project owner.

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@tanyastere, that’s awesome, thanks! Is there documentation pending on the enhanced projects functionality? I want to be sure we don’t screw up in our excitement to dive into this feature.
Update: nevermind I found it on the Field Guide site. Thanks!!!

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As you go through, let me know if there’s anything you think would be beneficial.

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