User management implications on data

Hi there, since Wildbook is sensitive to variations in emails and yet people often make small spelling errors or changes in capitalization while submitting, we have a proIiferation of accounts that aren’t real. I can only see how to delete a user account, when I try to edit it, nothing happens. There doesn’t seem to be a way to merge accounts into another, or transfer encounters. What happens to an encounter when its user account is deleted? How are those ‘orphaned’ encounters captured when summarising information? thank you, Nerida

Hi Nerida,

We are tracking this issue as ticket WB-3 and will be addressing it across WIldbooks shortly.

Thank you,

Hey @NeridaWilson,
I just wanted to follow up on the progress on this ticket. In order to address this correctly, we’re putting account validation in place and working through additional technical considerations.
It’s also going to involve a massive clean up to all Wildbook databases. We’ll be communicating that and the implications to users in the near term.
Thanks for you patience!