User management - What do the roles mean?

What Wildbook are you working in? Sharkbook.Ai

Can you please explain what each role does? I spoke with Simon Pierce and he too is confused since moving to Sharkbook. The reason for my question is that we are trying to prepare a training course so that we can add a number of potential people into the platform to assist and I would like those users to have the following abilities:

  1. PHOTOGRAPHER Role - somebody who doesnt appear as “public” but who has an account and can upload photos (without repeatedly having to prove they are not a robot)
  2. REVIEWER Role - somebody who can review images and add attributes (like whether they are hooked) and then can plot the spots and send it for review to the researchers.
  3. RESEARCHER Role - somebody who might be able to be assigned to a particular aggregation site and review all photos submitted for that site, and review spot mapping, and potential shark matches and propose identity.
  4. ADMIN Role - somebody who can approve all sharks identities, review sharks from all sites, download data, manage users, manage locations etc

Can you explain which of the following roles will help us achieve the 4 level user process I describe above?









I need a little more time to research before I follow up on this. Thanks for your patience!

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Hi @Sarah_Aus_SpotaShark

We cleaned up some of the roles that were no longer used. Here are the current Sharkbook roles:

  • admin - Can add new users, view and export anyone’s data without a collaboration needed. Typically limited to Wild Me staff and site managers.
  • imageProcessor [Removed]
  • manager [Removed]
  • reviewer [Removed]
  • local [Removed]
  • researcher - Can manage their own data (Sightings and Individuals) and collaborations, match and merge individuals, and search
  • approve [Removed]
  • identifier [Removed]
  • adoption - Can create adoptions. Should not be assigned to new users.
  • orgAdmin - Can create and edit users for their organization

If the purpose of the photographer role is only to submit Encounters as a known user without any other actions needed from them, you can create this user without assigning them any roles. They won’t be able to see or search for any encounters they uploaded unless they have the researcher role assigned.

I don’t think this can be done with the current roles we have set up. You can assign them the researcher role if you trust them not to confirm matches. If you only want them to upload data but not make any changes to it once submitted, then treat them as your Photographer role and don’t assign them any roles.

Assign researcher role.

Assign admin, orgAdmin, and researcher roles.

This is very helpful - thank you for the clarity

To confirm - if I assigned somebody a RESEARCHER role, we can set their preferred location, and then they can see all photos uploaded to that location? Or only when images are tagged with a research project? Can they spot map and review shark matches, or can they also approve?

We want to maintain some control in admin roles to choose when we allow a researcher to approve sharks.

According to the Location-based Role Security help docs, users with a location-based role can edit any encounters assigned to that location.

Researchers can spot map, review, and confirm matches. Every new user I add to Sharkbook gets the researcher role. That’s the key role that gives you access to the main features of Sharkbook. Admins and orgAdmins are people trusted to create new users and manage other people’s data. Those roles are less frequently assigned.

In short, if you don’t trust someone to manage their own data and confirm matches, then they’re probably not a good candidate for a Sharkbook account.